Take control of your industrial air filtration. Now and forever.

The first premium digital service​ that gives you the real time data​ needed to optimize your clean air process.

From guesstimates to filtration facts.​ With SmartFilters and digital insights
it´s easy to maximize your business.

Performance Insights

Receive real time information of system performance. Detect trends and deviations from historical data. Avoid expensive downtime through preventative measures,  in time.  Ensure emission compliance to directives with automatic reports.

  • Remote monitoring 
  • Performance optimization
  • Compliance

Uptime assurance

Active filtration monitoring by Nederman’s support personnel. Fully understand what effects the performance of the filter and learn directly from Nederman filtration experts.  Receive quick actions on alarms and alerts to minimize unplanned downtime. 

  • Filtration helpdesk
  • Remote filtration monitoring and advise
  • Customized performance reports

Any application​ Any industry

Complete solutions designed to create optimal filtration with a wide range of accessories and filter medias. The SmartFilter range are all connected to the Insight monitoring solution.

  • Low vaccum and high vacuum
  • Standalone or modular
  • Any fume, smoke or dust application

Products + Knowledge + Control​.
The future proof clean air subscription concept

Monitoring module


A cloud based software​ for filtration analytics and alarms.​ Enables remote monitoring and ​proactive troubleshooting. Several subscription plans according to your needs available.

Service & Support module

On-site and On-line service support to secure uptime performance, proactive system monitoring and minimize maintenance costs.

Filtration products

Complete IoT enabled SmartFilter solution including dust collector, duct, fan, controller and control panel. Nederman Insight ready and future proof.​

Monitoring modules

Real insights from real time data accessible on any device

Real Insights from real time data accessible from any device.


Get dataanalytics and alarms where ever you are. Save timesecure uptime. Enable remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting.

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Perform Plus

Extended and flexible control
Plug-and-Play Dashboard and Alarms
Web portal
App (iOS / Android)
Unlimited users
Dashboard Builder
Alarm Builder
Report module
Multi filter view
Insight Control Software updates
Data retention time (months)12Contract term
Number of filters connected11
Monitoring of ATEX filters
On-boarding assistance
Technical support
Dashboard consultingMax 2 hrs/year
Training for supplied services (on-site/remote)
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Service support modules

On-line Monitoring Services

Periodic specialist review of the system (pressure drop, outlet air quality, energy performance). Support on critical events and pro-active maintenance advise.

  • Specialist support
  • Optimizing performance
  • Security and comfort
  • Unsolicited advise

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On-site Services

On site inspection with full report and recommendations about maintenance predictions. Condition based maintenance. Reduced Service Rates. Extended warranty for new installations.

  • Getting the specialist to do the work
  • Do not worry
  • Make service predictable

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Future proof SmartFilter solutions

All new products are insight ready

MCP SmartFilter

Nederman Insight ready smart filtration system with airflow up to 28000 m3/h and a unique small footprint. A modular and customizable system suitable for smoke, fumes and dust applications.

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MEP SmartFilter

Nederman Insight ready smart filtration system with airflow up to 10500 m3/h. A modular and customizable system suitable for complex dust applications using the innovative envelope filter media.

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Coming soon

Available summer 2020


Modular designed high vacuum dust collector with 2-stage filtration and airflow up to 1800 m3/h. Nederman Insight ready through Nederman’s control panel for high vacuum systems, the HVCP.

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Product + Knowledge + Control

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